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The story of Walnut Grove Assembly of God began back in early 1981. The church started as a home Bible study group in the West Mifflin area. The study was started and taught by Pastor Robert Owen, a local pastor from South Hills Assembly of God. As the study soon grew too large, it became clear to Pastor Owen that God was birthing a new church in West Mifflin. Pastor Owen challenged his pastoral staff to pray and seek the Lord regarding one of them becoming the pastor of this new body. Out of those prayer times, Pastor Peter Giacalone, and his wife Elaine, answered the call. Meetings began to be held at West Mifflin #3 Fire Hall. The young congregation continued to grow. It was soon evident that a larger, more permanent building was needed. Around late 1982, a former elementary school, Walnut Grove Elementary, became available for sale. With very little money and much prayer, the new Pastor and Board of Elders made a bid. It was miraculously accepted. That would not be the end of God’s answer to prayer for this young church. Time and time again, God has met every financial challenge. Walnut Grove Assembly of God, with its new building, was given even greater tasks. Along with Sunday Worship and Mid-Week Services, God gave Pastor Pete a vision to meet the needs of the local community. Out of that vision, Walnut Grove Daycare, Walnut Grove Christian Elementary School, and Walnut Grove Food Bank were born. Pastor Pete Giacalone pastored for 15 years. He was succeeded by Dennis Sproull for 3 years, followed by Pastor William Galus for 21 years as Senior Pastor. Under the leadership of the current pastor, Pastor Eric Stokesberry, these same ministries continue to serve and thrive.

To God be the Glory!

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